Service and other support activities.

Since we are aware that the technical flawlessness of our vehicle fleet is of great importance, we also offer quality service with repairmen who have been working with us since the very beginning of the business.

The service workshop includes:
– service of all types and brands of trucks
– service of all types and brands of trailers and semi-trailers
– vehicle service in the field
– diagnosis of faults on vehicles
– supply and sale of spare parts

In the vulcanization workshop, we offer delivery, exchange, and repair of tires and rims. We are also an official service for BPW and SAF.

Production of trailers and superstructures.

Manufacture of light superstructures and trailers. The maximum mass of transported cargo can thus be greater. We adapt to your wishes and tailor a trailer or upgrade to your wishes. We also manufacture special trailers for a wide variety of purposes.

– production of trailers and upgrades to order under the brand name
SEMINIC trailers
– we manufacture and upgrade the trailer and superstructure according to your
– trailers and superstructures are made of light materials, which allows for maximum
volume and / or mass of cargo
– trailers are made for various purposes, including for special transports

Conversion of gas-powered trucks.

We also offer conversion of gas, L(C)NG-diesel vehicles under the dieselGAS brand. This combination of dual fuel operation (~50% gas – 50% diesel) allows us to make vehicles reach higher standards of ecological suitability, as the carbon footprint is reduced as a result of this type of operation.
Recently, more and more customers have demanded a lower carbon footprint, which this kind of conversion can easily provide. As an added benefit, fuel costs are also significantly reduced. Vehicles can also be converted to shared use of LPG (autogas), biomethane or hydrogen – H2.