Transport and logistics

We reduce costs and increase productivity.

In the company, we offer full logistical support to our fleet. Transport operators take care of the optimal utilization of available cargo spaces and goods, while also making sure that all transportation costs are covered.

We work with long-standing business partners for whom we have been working for many years and for whom we offer the highest quality services. We are also involved in the Timocom system, through which transports are ordered and accepted.

Our trucks are equipped with modern GPS tracking systems that together with the most modern logistics programs shorten the response time
and enable paperless operations. We are also always prepared for further steps in digitization in road transport.
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Our Fleet

From the very beginning of our transport business, we have been loyal to one brand of trucks. This allows us to be competitive in the demanding environment that is the transport field. With the uniformity of our vehicle fleet we reduce maintenance costs and also increase productivity.The trucks are modern and provide the latest ecological standards which are constantly evolving. We are currently compliant with EURO 6 regulations.
The volume of the vehicles is from 100 to 120 cubic meters, which allow a cargo weight of up to 25.5 tons.

All vehicles are also equipped with the latest GPS tracking systems, which provide reliable information about cargo pickups and deliveries to our logistics
department as well as our customers.

We are an international transport company. While we operate in most European countries, the majority of our transport services are carried out in the following
countries: Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia.
We offer transportation with semi-trailers, trucks with trailers (tandem), semi-trailers with a moving floor (walking floor), and semi-trailers tippers – up to 50 cubic meters.

Truck with trailer - Tandem
Truck with semi-trailer
Truck with semi-trailer - Sliding floor
Truck with semi-trailer - Tipper

We have our own warehouse in Podnanos.

In order to ensure flexibility for smaller shipments, we use our own warehouse with a forklift capacity of up to three tons. In this warehouse, we collect shipments for delivery across Slovenia and Europe.

In addition, our capacities also enable the storage of larger shipments for a longer period.